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Potence Controls Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading providers of Online Analytical Instruments in INDIA.

As intense industrialization  resulted in the need of water and gases with desired and specific parameters to be further utilized in critical process to enjoy better quality of end products across diverse industries as well as  effluent quality and emission monitoring systems to help track the discharges of pollutants   Hence it is critical that appropriate analysis of water and gas  has to be in position not only as part of statutory requirement but also to have a lean operational cost to enjoy better profits.

Our focus has been analysis of process parameters encountered in fields of Water Treatment, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Breweries, Power Generation, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Refineries, Steel and Smelter, Automobiles, Textiles etc.. With a range that is complete and exhaustive, we cater to the alpha-to-omega needs of any process Instrumentation systems.

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