CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System)

SOx/ NOx/ CO/ CO2

  • Up to five measurement components per gas analyzer Suitable for measuring flammable gases
  • Automatic calibration including pump and valve control
  • eliminating the need for test gas cylinders
  • Customizable analog outputs, digital inputs and digital outputs
  • Modbus and Profibus interfaces
  • Simple menu-driven operator interface


ABB 3000

ABB 3010

SPM(Suspended Particulate Matter)

  • Monitoring dust levels in the exhaust gas of industrial combustion / air filtration processes.
  • Measuring Range 0-1000mg/ m3
  • Dynamic Detection Principle (DDP) measurement technique
  • less susceptible to drift Measurement
  • Free utility software for PC based setup, control, and data logging



Zirconia Oxygen Probe

  • True wet measurement of net excess oxygen
  • In situ measurement
  • Fully site-serviceable probe
  • Four insertion lengths:0.4 m (16 in), 1.0 m (39 in), 1.5 m (58 in) and 2 m (78 in)
  • Flame trap for gas-fired boiler applications
  • Soot filter as standard
  • Fast response options